Tenant Screening
Employment Screening
Tenant Screening

Help your business avoid financial losses and costly property damage by
checking records and verifying key information on prospective tenants.
Premium Credit Bureau prescreening services provide you with the valuable
information you need prior to renting or leasing property to others,
ensuring the best results each time.

Employment Screening

Hiring and retaining the right personnel can be a difficult task, and can incur financial and legal liabilities if you make a mistake. With Premium Credit Bureau’s background screening, your company can quickly reveal “red flags” of a potential new hire, increasing your chance of hiring the best candidate possible. Our Business Verification Service quickly delivers the background reports needed to confidently make informed decisions, reduce liability and loss prevention.

Background Screening Profiles avaliable


Criminal Reports

    • Review Statewide, Countywide, Federal, and Nationwide Criminal Databases

Search criminal convictions at all levels. Our search results include: felony convictions at all levels (including felonies reduced to misdemeanor convictions), data from the Department of Corrections, and data from federal, county, state, and district courts. Expect instant results for some searches and other records may take 1-2 days.


Public Record Searches

    • Review Eviction, Civil, and Bankruptcy Records

Use a public record search to accurately determine information such as: late or skipped payments, property damage, theft, bad checks, and eviction. We can also reveal civil records; wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuits filed by or against a particular person. If you want information regarding a bankruptcy, we can search national databases for any bankruptcy (chapter 7,11, and 13), tax liens, or judgements filed on an individual or business. Expect results within 1-2 days.



  • Verify the background of a potential hire by using a verification search to determine the following: employment history (positions held, performance), immigration status and work eligibility, educational achievement and attendance, bank account verification, and professional licensure verification.


  • We also offer other background checks, such as: driver’s license check and background information (violations, suspension, registration, etc.), vehicle identification search, real property search, bank account search, worker’s compensation claims, and social security number searches.

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