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– Score Disclosure –  a notice to the applicant that you have pulled their credit history from TransUnion, Experian and/or Equifax

– Consumer Copy – an easy to read version of the credit report  to distribute to the borrower. (can be translate into Spanish)

– Derogatory Letter – a letter addressed to the borrower to explain  any derogatory accounts or public records. (can be translated into Spanish)

– Creditors – a list of all reported creditors including address and phone numbers.

– Adverse Summary – a report summarizing only derogatory accounts and public records.

– Denial Letter – a statement of denial, termination, or change.  This form requires you to check the necessary statements before you print the form.

– Trade Comparison – a report that contains the raw data from each bureau to  determine possible inaccurate data that could be affecting the score.

– Form 1003 – a printable PDF application including the borrowers’ name, social security and address along with liabilities from the credit report.

Business Credit Reports

Made to the same exacting standards as our consumer profile and now offering the Experian Blended Intelliscore.

Foriegn National
Credit Reports

State made to the same standards and format as our Domestic Profile in as little as 72 hours, including tradelines and public/civil records.

Credit Reports

Rental, utility, phone, and other recurring payments that aren’t reported to other credit bureaus are documented and verified. Payment history on “non-traditional” trade lines is formatted similarly to traditional credit lines and allows for customized approval criteria based on:

  • Type of accounts (rent, utility, phone, etc.)
  • Number of accounts
  • Length of payment history
  • Size of payments
  • Timeliness of payment